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The INS4NITY World

Rebirth Season


INS4NITY.WORLD Is The Only GTA V Fivem Server That Offer Full Experience Of INSANITY


Join The Best GTA V Fivem RP Server With INSANITY Experience

– Become A Business Manager , JDM King , Gangster , Mafia , Yakuza , Police , Doctor , Mechanic , Car Dealer  , COVID-19 Frontliner Or anything that you wanted to be <3.
– You Can Be Broke Or A Successful Business Owner.
– The Server Is Full Of INS4NITY, Friendly Players & Admins , There’s a lot Of Things To do , So its great for Starters & Streamers

Please create a new Ticket on our Support Discord to make a Donation Thank you.

VIP RANK / RM 30 - Per Mo

Miku Basic HDMI

WIP RANK / RM 50 - Per Mo

Miku HD

WIP+ RANK / RM 300 - Lifetime

Miku Ultra HD

INS4 Force / RM1200 - Lifetime

Miku 4K HD

INS4 Pride / RM1400 - Lifetime

Miku 8K HD

INS4 Platinum / RM1800 - Lifetime

Miku VR HD


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INS4NITY.WORLD accepts Donations and contributions which are put directly towards expenses such as Game Servers, Web Servers, Domains, Licenses etc. Therefore, any payment made to INS4NITY.WORLD is non-refundable and perks which are offered to donators can be revoked at any given time at the discretion of INS4NITY.WORLD Management. By Donating you also Agree that The T.O.S Can Be Changed At Anytime . Thank you


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